Tony Anderson.

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About Tony

Tony Anderson is a long time Canterbury resident and proud New Zealander, who grew up in the port town of Lyttleton. Acknowledging a hard-work ethic, Tony began work within the trades after leaving school and embraced the environment he found himself in.

At 21 years old, Tony began a real estate career and, inspired by his mentors and peers in the property development and construction industry, Tony created Silverstar Developments. 

Developing quality homes across Canterbury, Auckland and Australia, Silverstar Developments became a well-known and trusted brand, which still successfully operates today.

Recently, with more than 30 years’ experience in the residential construction industry, and after extensive real estate transactions, Tony decided to create his own real estate company. Offering a unique style and experience to vendors and purchasers, through Executive Real Estate, Tony is determined to change the way real estate transactions are arranged and completed.

Tony Anderson is pleased to offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience, and many years of successful business, in the Residential Property Development and Real Estate Industries.

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