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Bridget Perry.

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Senior Sales Consultant

About Bridget

I hope when you meet me you will quickly observe my approachable and genuine manner, characteristics that are important when working with people, a smile is always good too!  A real estate consultant is representing you as the home owner, so the consultant is the first point of contact on the journey of selling your home. 

I have been in the real estate industry for ten years now, therefore experienced in the highs and lows of the ever changing property market…  I can confidently say that no two days are the same.  My background before real estate was many years in the marketing industry, I worked in sales, media and agency account management.  Putting together a strong advertising campaign using different forms of media, for various industries, is was what I did, so achieving results was something required of me.  It is valuable experience that I can now offer my real estate clients.

Trust is important, so my promise to you throughout the process of selling your home is that I will keep you informed about the Good, the Bad and the Brilliant!  Let’s get your house sold!

A few things about me…

I’m an Aunty...  I'm now a great aunt to two very gorgeous wee girls, Paige and Lauriana!  I also have five adult nieces, Olivia, Victoria, Cassie, April and Brianna… yes there are so many girls in the family (I have two older Sisters), but I can’t miss out the one and only Great Nephew, four year old George!

I have a dog…  Yes a fluffy wee white one named Lily…  she’s full Maltese and appears to be the boss over me, she’s been with me for eleven years now.

I’ve travelled…  Yes I’ve been very lucky to travel a lot over the years.  My most memorable times…  Disneyland in LA, oh so much fun, I have been a couple of times, love it!  For my 40th I did a Princess Cruise on the Mediterranean for 10 nights, AMAZING, so much fun.  When I was 8 I met my Grandad for the first time in England, that was pretty exciting too.  I’ve also travelled thoughout Europe, The States, Fiji and Rarotonga and a few more countries too, and I hope to see visit some more in the future.

What I did as a child…  I danced!  Ballet and modern…. I started when I was six and finished when I was 17.  I can still do a pirouette today!

If I could turn back the clock…  have one more day with my Dad.

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